About Us

Brandon Lowery formed Converge Communications in 2007. Why? Being in the technology business 10 years prior to starting Converge, Brandon saw a shift in the technology industry several years ago that required the formation of a company that was flexible enough to piviot as technology shifted.

Brandon realized consumers want a choice – a choice of  how their business flows from a technology perspective.

“Technology shifts and it shifts quickly” Lowery says, “we have partnered with manufacturers and software providers that provide best in class technology for our customers. Consumers want to purchase products and software they’re certain will not be obsolete in years to come. We see technology change so quickly we have to be able to maneuver rapidly to keep up with the changing times. Recently we made a sizable investment into our our Managed Services platform which includes a combination of  Hosted IP Phone Systems, Managed Network cloud backups, remote network monitoring, Audio Video Systems, and other misc technology needs”.

While it does not fit every situation, it’s a perfect fit for small businesses on a budget. In many cases we have seen the product pay for itself through the reduction of other services. We see this business model as the future of technology.  Often times we can walk into a customers business, look at their processes and procedures, and show a financial return on their investment if they shift to our platform”.

“Converge is different than our competitors” Lowery continues, “We offer a turnkey solution from wiring, to phone systems, to computer network support and recently sound masking. Many other vendors only support one of these items which creates multiple vendors on a single project and causes confusion for the customer. We bring it all home in a single packaged solution.”

Personal Bio:

Brandon is from Statesville, NC. He attended high school at Christ School in Asheville, NC. Upon graduating he received his business degree with a focus in marketing from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He was a member of Kappa Alpha serving as President of his chapter his junior year.

Brandon has 2 children, Logan age 9 and Parks, age 6.

In his free time Brandon is an avid hunter, snow skier, and outdoorsman. He received his pilot’s license in 2003 and enjoys flying on the weekends.